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Texans Only Hope


AQHA Palomino dun ("Dunalino") mare
by Golden Caantender, out of Flowers in Crystal
Half-sister (same sire, different non-dun dams) of OSO X.

Owned by Gayle Norman of Zohar Arabians in Arkansas.

Gayle writes: "Hope and her dunskin foals all have lighter bodies, darker peachy color on their legs (above the black stockings on the dunskins) and faces, dorsals, faint leg bars, faint shoulder bars and the dunskins have the ear bars."


Her genetic color combination is Red + Cream (we assume) + Dun (as we can plainly see and prove.)

This combination is commonly known as "dunalino" or "palomino dun".

Her sire is, as mentioned above, Golden Caantender, and her dam is the 1988 AQHA dark sorrel mare Flowers in Crystal.

Gayle writes, "I spoke with the previous owner of the dam. He had sold her, but told me she was a dark sorrel but not a dun. Golden Caantender's dam was a dun according to the pedigree site."

Hope is an interesting case in several ways.  I found her while trying to track down the source of the dun gene in OSO X ("Blue"), a cremello QH without any visible markings, who passed dun markings on to his foals.

I had been told there was no dun in his pedigree, therefore, they said, the foals must have only had "temporary foal markings".  However, his first two colts (out of unmarked mares) kept those markings into maturity, one of them even winning "best dun factor" in a horse show.

I had had personal experience with local Palomino owners whose horses had distinctive dun markings denying they were there.  There was good reason for this:  the PHBA would not register a horse with brown or black markings as a palomino.  And in a cruel twist, the two big "buckskin" (dun) registries did not recognize that combination as dun, either!

I hope that as of this writing all three organizations have become more knowledgeable about genetics.

In the meantime, there were/are a lot of palomino duns out there registered and called plain "palomino".

So, I set out to show that OSO X's famous sire, Golden Caantender, was a dun, so that he could be one himself.

Golden Caantender's pedigree allowed for it; his dam was a dun.  All I needed was to find a dun foal out of a dun-dun mare, to see if he had inherited the gene from his dam.

I saw a reference to Hope in his progeny list.  She was listed as Palomino.  Undaunted, I contacted her owner, Gayle Norman, who proved to have as much an inquiring mind as I do, and went to look for dun markings on her "palomino mare".  They were there!  ("Proof" pictures are all over this web page.)

Their only possible source was Golden Caantender.  Therefore, he could also have given the dun gene to OSO X.

The other interest we have in Hope is that she shows dun markings that are toward one end of the spectrum: the "slighter" end.

When a black-pointed horse is a dilute color with no vague "sootiness" anywhere, has a crisp, black dorsal stripe and zebra-like legs, fishboning, neck striping, ear barring, white tips on the black tops of the ears, etc. etc., most people would recognize that it's a dun.

But this dun is on a red/palomino base, making the points and markings lighter than black or (even dark red) to begin with.  Then she has shading along her dorsal stripe.  Hoever, if you read the entire page and study the pictures, you'll see that she is, indeed, dun; and has passed that on to two of her foals by a black Arabian stallion (see below).


Hope's dorsal stripe.  Note the shading near it, and how it nearly fades away in places; also see the photo with arrows added by her owner showing her ("broken") shoulder and neck barring.

Note to webmaster: I have giant copies of four of Hope's dun markings pics in my attachments file under 5/9/07.

Hope's forelegs.  These photos are completely unretouched.  Note the typical dun markings.

Hope's eye.  Some list members are noticing that their palomino duns have "orange" eyelashes.  We're looking into this in relation to normal palomino color lashes, to see if it's significant.




Hope's Half-Arabian Dun* Progeny

Mohave (2006 colt) and Paloma (2005 filly)
Both are for sale!
Their sire is the black Arabian, Aswad Shahwan BWA, at right =>



Mohave ZHR

At left, with his dam, Hope.  At right, close-ups of Mohave's foreleg, shoulder and rump. Here is a close-up of his ear markings, center.


3 mo's old

Paloma Doreyda ZHR

May 2005 Dun* Half Arabian / Half Quarter Horse Filly

 Summer 2006

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